Now Discover Your Strength

Book Review: Now Discover Your Strength by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

I have taken many of the numerous “quadrant personality tests” that evaluate your responses to the various questions and then tells you your personality type. So I didn’t hold out much hope of learning much that was new when I picked up this volume. However, I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of things. First, there is a password assigned to each book. With that password you are able to access a web site, establish an account, and answer a questionnaire which does in fact give you your top five strengths.

But what is most useful is that armed with the data and this book, you are not only able to know your strengths but also how to build on those strengths. What is new here, is that the authors break the mold of “work on eliminating your weaknesses.” Instead, the advise us to pay attention to building up our strengths, to always find ways to use those strengths instead of worrying so much about our weaknesses. Sure, we do have to try and mitigate any negative attributes we may have in order to work with others, but the really successful person will work to play to his or her own strengths.

You will learn why strength is defined as “consistent near perfect performance in an activity.” You will see why it makes sense to “manage around your weaknesses.” And you will be given clear, concise guidelines on how to manage others through their strengths and help them manage around their weaknesses. I will definitely be using many of the principles and ideas put forth in this book as I go about helping my clients shape their corporate cultures and improve their effectiveness.

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