What Clients Love

Book Review: What Clients Love by Harry Beckwith

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

This great little volume was recommended to my by a client who, on recommendation said that if I really wanted to know about her philosophy on marketing and building her business, this book would provide the answer. Well, if she indeed does practice what’s in this volume, she will have a great company soon.

Beckwith’s book is easy to read, full of great ideas and has excellent examples from successful and not so successful companies that we all know. He explains why every thing we do is really a service. Even if we have a product to sell. And we come to see why every service needs to be improved if we are to build great companies. He explores how unusual names get you noticed and remembered. And more importantly for us today, he explains why the market is inexorably moving to the rise of invisibles and intangibles (services not material products).

There are a great number of suggestions that will stick with the alert ready. Suggestions such as; “Edit your message until everyone understands it,” or “Cut all the fat. Then ask: Does the muscle that remains have power?” All in all, this has been a very useful and instructive read. While not everything was new, there certainly was a new view of the challenges facing our businesses today.

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