Vision to Reality

Book Review: Vision to Reality by Thomas C. Troiani

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

I first met Tom Troiani at a Senior Executive forum several years ago. Our paths have continuously crossed since then. I received an early copy of his new book with a request to review it and give feedback. I was only too happy to do so since I knew that Tom had intended to use some of my material on ethics as a business process.

Troiani has organized this book in a logical sequence which allows the reader to build on the foundations set by earlier chapters. The information flows from Governance to Goals, then Cultural Alignment, followed by Communications and Controls. Finally we get to Reality – which ties together all the previous work into a vision for practical success.

Troiani uses stories from practical experience to illustrate how the point being made “looks and feels” in the real world. The practical experience comes from his years as a Business Consultant and Project Manager. This is definitely a book meant to be on your “working reference shelf.” While it is straight forward in style and relatively easy to read, it is non-the-less chock full of useful, practical information that you can put to work immediately to make your vision a reality.

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