Profit from the Power of Many

Book Review: Profit from the Power of Many by Natalie Brecher

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

Ever want to build a massive parallel super-computer? How about one comprising the best information processors we know – the human brain? How about a Mastermind Group? Neural networks made simple!

Natalie Brecher’s book is one of those ”gems” that you find from time to time that is a quick read, but chock full of wisdom and insight. She has captured and made accessible the concept of synergy in a real Mastermind Team, and given us a step by step instruction manual to building our own team.

In clear language and forthright thought, Ms. Brecher gives us the 8 steps, the advantages for each step, and the pitfalls that await us if we are unaware. She eloquently makes the case for why we should even consider a Mastermind Team, then goes about helping us to know that we too can form such a team.

My Mastermind Team was formed in much the same way Ms. Brecher describes in her book. It has been an invaluable asset in my business. And in the spirit of full disclosure I must confess that Natalie is part of that Mastermind Team. What she has given to the readers of this excellent book is real, based in fact, and founded on experience. I highly recommend that you create a Mastermind Team and that your team read and understand what Natalie freely shares with you!

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