For over twenty years, dbkAssociates has been working to create a better world, one leader at a time. We are inspired to undertake this lofty task by those with whom we are privileged to work.

Today there are two overarching themes in the business world: Managing Change and Leadership Development. Much time is spent on consciously shaping the leadership team, creating leadership at every level of the organization, and purposely shaping the corporate culture.

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We all strive to instill a sense of long term strategy, continuous improvement, flexibility and customer focus in our organizations. Companies are doing more with fewer human resources. The successful companies are experimenting continuously to find new and better products and processes to serve their customers. They are reaching out to fellow entrepreneurs, including those from outside their industries, for new perspectives, insights and breakthrough ideas.

We, of course, have had to evolve and change just like everyone else. We find ourselves providing services in predominately two large areas: Executive Leader Coaching and Change Management. In keeping with that evolution, this site is divided into those two broad sections with information and resources relevant to what our readers need. In addition, there is a leadership blog which has become a resource for many people. Enjoy.

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